Information Technology

In today's Industrial Environment, the disciplines of Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology have come to the forefront for providing tools and techniques to the rest of industry - Heavy Engineering, Science Sector, Finance Sector, Entertainment Sector and all other basic Industries. Especially after the advent of Internet the requirement for the design of newer and newer Computer applications has increased million fold, as even the small traders and businessmen have become globally connected and e-commerce has become the new business model.

In order to provide manpower for such a scenario, and inconformity with the mission of TIG has been to develop quality technical manpower through the departments of Computer Science & Engineering, and Information Technology.

As an Industry recognition, the prime Software Organization of the country TCS has also accredited the department.

Prime Organisations like IBM, TCS, Wipro, Accenture, Sasken, Mindfree- recruit students through campus interviews every year and in average 70% of the students are placed by the time they pass out.

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